Breathing Life into Writing

Photo by    Jordan Heath    on    Unsplash

So here it is, the inevitable first post for Awa Wahine.
The awkward mannerisms that accompany every second word I type, reverberates just how much this moment means to me. 

Tihei mauri ora. 

After an intense journey of self-scrutiny my heart is clearing, and it speaks to me like I already know what it has to say, yet I spend most of my effort trying to get my mind to translate it and demystify its soliloquies. You may interpret this as complete jibber-jabber. 
Sweet as. 

We learn as infants, to know, is of utmost importance in life. Knowledge. 
I’ve since learnt, to experience is much gentler on my Wairua. And I don’t mean thrill seeking experiences, I mean feeling into every lesson that is presented to me, usually uninvited but so divinely timed. 
Something too many of us are either afraid of doing or too busy to notice. 
Unless that feeling is a sweet high; immense joy and laughter, fierce love and passion we ain’t interested. We write ourselves these fairy tale adventures and seek them out and for a moment, these moments are everything.  Then comes the hangover, returning to our 9-5 after a blissful island holiday. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Until the come downs become more frequent and are more intense then the highs. The life lessons from Newtons theory, “what goes up must come down”, comes to mind.

Imagine a heart rate monitor. Watching your heart beat that pulsates up and down... boom...boom. This energy is part of our life force. Pulsating, enlivening us. We need this very energy, the ups and downs of life to live and with each rise and fall, our heart beat always returns to stillness. So what does this stillness look like in 3rd dimensional living? How do we truly enjoy stillness? How do we bring more moments of stillness to our lives? Better yet, how do we get there with less erratic heart beats or intense emotional, mental and physical hangovers?

Massimilla Harris PhD & Bud Harris PhD wrote it best in their book 'Into the Heart of the Feminine', which describes mythology and the many archetypes it represents within us:

“…entering into a process of transformation that is healing, renewing, and nurturing. [You] are not trying to define a problem and come up with solutions…”

This is what writing has done for me - healed, renewed and nurtured me and as a result of this, I have discovered intricately, delicate moments of stillness. 

Ironically, coming to the end of my first post, I have also, finally unleashed my dragon.