A Period, Not A Pause

Photo by    Maik Jonietz    on    Unsplash

Poem by T L Wood ©️ 2018 

Every month I am reminded - I am a Goddess,
A crusader with a crimson cape, unworn.
My misericorde, my fire inside, brings strength yet pain,
Each cycle an umbilical to Lady Moon.

My superpower: Creation,
Is dashed on porcelain, a scarlet lake of choice.
I own the freedom of my body, to bleed life away,
To shed my skin.

I rejoice. I remember. I renew.

My blessings they release me, yet consume me.
I am of what I am,
What I have been, and what I can become.
I feel all Life within me, in my being and my blood.

Years past I saw my belly swell,
Grow fresh heartbeats of the New.
I am moving on now. I feel complete.
And as my next phase beckons,

I welcome Change.