Your Divine Feminine: 3 Ways to Connect

Photo by  Dominik Vanyi  on  Unsplash

Right now many women around the world are waking up to their divine feminine. We see evidence of this in the increasing numbers of women (and men) attending group fitness classes, yoga, meditation and belly dancing. I include men here because the divine feminine is within all of us, as is the sacred masculine.

When we honour our bodies and inner-self through spiritual and loving forms of ‘exercise’ or ritualistic encounters with other men and women, we connect not only to the divine feminine and the essence of all creation, but also to Papatūānuku or mother earth. Here are a few simple practises to manifest more energy from the divine feminine into your life.

1. Honour your inner-self through self-care

For me, honouring the divine feminine is a feeling that comes from within my body. It is a form of spiritual energy that is loving, nurturing, blissful and aware. It manifests when I take the time to honour myself as a women through self-affirming rituals like the ones below.

I manifest the energy of the divine feminine when:

●       I attend a loving group fitness session (Body Love, yoga, belly dancing)

●       Spend quality time with family and friends

●       Enjoy a luxurious epsom salt bath with candles

●       Sit down with a herbal tea and finally read that book

●       Get my partner to give me a massage

●       Allow others to do things for me i.e. receive from others

●       Meditate

Most of all I feel the divine feminine when I send loving thoughts to my body, womb, breasts and (insert body part here).

These are just a few examples of ways to honour the divine feminine within you and there are many more. The essence of it is… if you show love for your body and inner-self you will begin to feel and manifest the energy of the divine feminine. Make it a priority to honour your inner-self because in truth it is the most important thing you can do. We can’t help anyone else until we look after and heal ourselves.

2. Tune into your own lunar cycle

Some of us may have become disillusioned with a patriarchal society that is based on the mind, order, control, competition, scarcity and independence.  As important as order, control and scarcity may be, so too is chaos, acceptance, abundance and collaboration. There can no balance without the divine feminine and we can see the effects of this on our own bodies and Papatūānuku.

As an emotional and often chaotic woman whose preferences and mood depend on my monthly and the lunar cycle... where do I fit into this ordered and controlled society?

For example there are times when I feel energetic and outgoing. During this part of my cycle my partner is the best thing since sliced bread, going to work is a breeze, presentations and meetings are enjoyable and high-intensity exercise is where it’s at.

Then there are other times when everything my partner does is f****g annoying, staying in bed with the curtains shut is my dream, socialising with other people is a real drag and meditation and Yin Yoga is where it is at. This is because I just don’t have the energy for anything else. The best thing is that all of this is okay, because I know my own lunar cycle.

Obviously right now many women are unable to adjust their schedules to fit their lunar cycle. That is okay. What is more important is being aware of what a lunar cycle is and what your own one might look like. Then if there is a time of the month when you have less energy… that is OKAY! If you need a night in, or some time out, or a mental health day from work… that is OKAY!

At a deeper level, discovering our own cycle also means that we become aware of how as women we are connected with the lunar cycle of mother moon and Papatūānuku. This strengthens our connection to the divine feminine. If you would like to find out more about lunar cycles - here are some links below: - this App tracks your lunar cycle and female creative potential - for babies, business, or better relationships - Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle with Dr Christiane Northrup - Why Women Need to Aligh with the Moon

3. Send thoughts of love and light

Earlier on this year, I attended Wanderlust Festival and was lucky enough to experience the beautiful energy of thousands of women (and men) honouring their femininity and their bodies through the practise of fitness and self-love. Throughout the day, I saw no competition or judgement of other women.

The highlight of this experience was huddling together with thousands of other women and men as we did a group meditation where we imagined spreading a white light of love across Auckland, then Aotearoa and finally the entire world.

This is the power of the divine feminine. And let me tell you that the healing power of the divine feminine is very, very POWERFUL.

You can do this anytime and anywhere but a good place to start could be sitting quietly in a loving space. Maybe you might light a few candles or sit on a nice cushion with a blanket covering your legs. Cross your legs, close your eyes and put your hands on your legs with your palms facing upwards to Ranginui or our sky father.

Imagine a loving white (or any other colour that feels right to you) light around your body. Now imagine this white light is moving outwards until it encompasses your home, your street, your city, your country and finally the entire world. Feel in your body the loving energy of the divine feminine.

You can send this loving light to anyone, anywhere. So:

  • If someone is annoying you - send them love and light

  • If the stories on the news are getting you down - send all the people affected love and light

  • If you burn dinner - send yourself and the oven love and light

  • If your dog pees inside - tell them off then send them love and light

Basically you can send loving thoughts to anyone and everyone and experience the transformation of your life experience through the energy of the divine feminine.

“Release judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.” - Kuan Yin Goddess Guidance Card (Doreen Virtue)

I hope this piece of writing has awakened within you an awareness of the divine feminine energy that is, always has been and always will be within you. That feeling of love, nurturing, compassion and creativity… that is divine feminine. Manifest it, invite it in and embrace it. All and every part of you is perfect and always will be.

Aroha nui ki a koe

Ataria xx