Why I Want to Become a Yoga Teacher

Image: Patrick Monaghan at Ivory Creative

Image: Patrick Monaghan at Ivory Creative

There are a few reasons why I would like to become a yoga teacher. First and foremost, I want to continue my spiritual journey through yoga and become more aware of who I am. I want to understand on a deeper level about the true meaning of yoga and the power in the present moment.

I hope to grow as a person and see in more clarity the negative thought patterns or pain that I carry with me and how these can be transmuted through the practice of yoga. One thing that makes me so excited about the prospect of completing my yoga teaching training, is the opportunity to spend time learning from people who have embedded these philosophies into their existence.

Every day I see people I know and care about stuck in cycles of unconsciousness and stress that rules their lives.

The community I live in and my people (the Māori people), have experienced hurt in the past and I would love to be a small and humble part of the collective healing of our communities. I see so much hurt in the world but I also see so much love and joy as well and I wish to help others to see there is another way to perceive our world and that everything is love.

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt with other women to help them connect with themselves and their bodies.

When we are connected to our inner self, then and only then can we be present with the other people in our lives.

We are all connected and I hope through being a yoga teacher, I can help my students see this. As a teacher of children, I know that teaching is more than someone with perceived knowledge sharing that knowledge with others. Teaching is connecting with those in front of you by relating to their personal experiences. A teacher is a facilitator and we all learn together.

In this way, I believe teaching yoga is the same. I also facilitate and help my students to navigate their own way through their yoga journey. By showing up on my mat as a yoga teacher, I can create a space and empower others to do the same.

I believe that training to be a yoga teacher, is the first step towards my spiritual calling.

- Hera, Aotearoa