Ngā Hākarā

Image Credit: Josephine Raukawa

Image Credit: Josephine Raukawa


Our Ngā Hākarā Story 

Most commonly known as the Chakra System, Ngā Hākarā is how our Tūpuna saw our energy.  This is what I learnt when I began my beautiful journey into Matakite with my beautiful Tūpuna (ancestors, spiritual guides, higher ones) Te Kooti and Parehuia, and a dear Matakite sister they sent to help me find myself. 

My dear Matakite sister would be called ‘Pākehā’ by many today however, Te Kooti taught me that she was ‘Māori’.  The original meaning of the words ‘Māori’ and ‘Pākehā’ differ significantly to today’s meaning and so, for me to understand Ngā Hākarā properly, the universal translation of those words was needed first. 

  • Māori – a person of refined (māo) vibration (ri) 

  • Pākehā – a person of out of tune (pāke) with their life essence (hā) 

The words ‘Māori’ and ‘Pākehā’ are descriptors for all human beings living in Te Taiao (the physical realm) to identify if a person knew who they were.  Our Tūpuna understood that every living entity in Te Taiao was the physical manifestation of an energy presence that existed in Te Pūngao (the universe) therefore, it was understood that every human has an energy presence.  This was expressed through, ‘Wairua’: 

  • Wairua – the two flows 

  • Pūrere – the energy flow from Te Pūngao 

  • Wairere – the water/blood flow from Te Taiao         

Each flow has its own make-up which is held in its own body.  Pū is energy, made up of light and sound, held in the ‘Mauri’.  ‘Mau’ is to carry or be held and ‘Ri’ is vibration.  Wai is water, made up of our beautiful Whaia (Mother Earth) held in our ‘Tinana’.  ‘Tina’ means affirmed, fixed or completed and the ‘na’ at the end changes the meaning to, ‘to be affirmed, fixed, completed’.   

Wairere i te Tinana 

There is endless information everywhere about the physical body, and I had tried for many years to sort out mine.  I had a good stint going from 119kg’s to 84 kg’s after learning about food from 3 different nutritionists, learning about the spine and the nervous system from a specialised chiropractor and, learning about the physical body from many personal trainers.  I had all the knowledge about the body, and I applied all that I had learnt to lose the weight.   

However, as soon as something emotional happened, it all went out the window.  Whether it be family, work stresses, being a full-time working solo mum or relationship breakdowns with my sons’ father, any emotional problem undone all my hard work.  It took nearly 8 months to lose that much weight but only 4 weeks to put it all back on.  I shot right up to 115kgs and have stayed that weight ever since.  After all the years of trying, I was fed up and knew in my gut that emotions played a major part to all of this.  It was even more prevalent when I became a Mum and struggled helping my boy with his emotions.  Something was up, and I posed so many questions to the stars about these thoughts.  If someone had told me back then, that the universe would answer, I would have brushed it off thinking, ‘yeah right’ but secretly hope it was true. 

Pūrere i te Mauri 

My entire life, emotions scared me.  My emotions and other people’s emotions were too much as a child.  The feelings of sadness or being lonely, angry, abandoned, vulnerable, scared, guilty, ashamed, embarrassed and loss riddled my childhood.  I became an expert in hiding my feelings and bottling everything up.  So, eventually, I got so good at hiding my feelings, no one in my life knew that I was pretending to be happy in order to avoid all those negative emotions.  Unfortunately, it meant that I would lose myself and I did, I lost myself good.   

When I started finding the strength to stop pretending, leave the toxic environments, toxic people and feel again, Te Kooti, Parehuia and my beautiful Matakite sister were able to find me. 

Ngā Hākarā 

With their strong guidance, Ngā Hākarā was able to come through and reveal all the knowledge I needed to understand the emotional energy body.  At first, I kept referring to the Chakra information that can be found online and tried very hard to learn it all.  None of it stuck and the reason being, was because I wasn’t learning from intuition.  My dear Matakite friend helped me see that I needed to use my intuition and hear Te Kooti’s teachings of Ngā Hākarā.  In doing so, everything started to fall into place. 

Learning with intuition, enhanced my intuition and brought forth my Matakite.  Taking in the teachings of our reo, changed my negative perspective of today’s ‘Māori’ into one of deep appreciation and great humble pride to be of Aotearoa.   Understanding why our colours were given their names, opened me up to my emotions and helped me manage them on a practical level.  In managing my emotions, I was able to assist my boy in managing his and empowering him.  Ngā Hākarā made absolute sense and it has become who we are.  It is the foundation of our home school curriculum and shed a brand-new universal light to our daily lives. 

What is Ngā Hākarā? 

It is basically ‘Your Light’ to your energy body.  It shines different colours in different places of your body and is one of many ways to help you look after your energy.   

If you feel you need a bit of help to build an emotion such as confidence or self-esteem, having their respective colours around you can strengthen your energy.  Whatever you give your energy, naturally, your physical body will follow.   

For instance, my boy has had issues with speech since he was 2 years old.  We have always had a speech therapist and tried every strategy under the sun to help him.  Funny enough, my son’s favourite colour was blue and upon learning Ngā Hākarā, I realised, it was his energy knowing what he needed.  So, when we started home school at 7 years old, we have had the colour blue everywhere.  Blue beanie, blue bag, blue paintings on the wall, blue t-shirts, we would talk about the colour and imagined swimming in it, dancing in it and always admired the sky when it was blue.  Well, 6 months into home school, his speech therapist says to me, ‘your son no longer meets the criteria for a speech therapist, he is doing wonderful’.  We celebrated this moment with the pools and KFC, it was amazing!   

This is just one of many happy moments from Ngā Hākarā and if I had all day, I could give you many examples for each of the colours.  So, in sharing Ngā Hākarā, we hope that the poster attached will help people get to know their energy and learn how to look after it.  It is such an important part of our being that has been extremely neglected.   

We also hope that it helps people learn te reo as well.  It has been very difficult for me to learn te reo growing up however, learning te reo with intuition and meaning, it’s now a natural language for me today.   

But most importantly, we hope it helps everyone branch out and break through the illusion of separation.  We hope people feel the universal meaning of Te Ao Māori that connects us to the world and see that, we all the same, just uniquely different.       

Image copyright to Josephine Raukawa

Image copyright to Josephine Raukawa

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