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Are you are a stay-at-home mum looking for something to keep the creative energies flowing and earn a bit of pūtea? Or a promising female entrepreneur with dreams of building a sustainable start-up to employ you, your whānau/friends and provide well being for you and your tamariki?

No matter what it is, Awa Wahine’s Creative Business Tips will help your creative dreams become a reality.

This Sunday, I spent all afternoon attempting to make candles. But not just any candles. Candles with crystals melted into them. Why? Because I love crystals and the cuteness of these candles and had a vision to put them into the InnoNative Pop-Up Shop in Whangarei (a shop that stocks products from local Māori businesses only).

But is making candles something I’m already good at? Hell no. Did I know anything about making candles? Hell no. But did I want to give it a try? Hell yes. Why? Because it’s fun.

So I ordered my ingredients from Candle Creations NZ and sat on 1kg of soy wax for a couple of weeks while I mustered up the courage (and energy) to give it a go.

But that Sunday, I had already scheduled candle making into my diary, and was feeling extra determined and energised like “I can do this!”

So I google searched “how to make crystal candles”. This didn’t actually come up with a lot. So I tried “candles with crystals in them”. In the end, I found a few articles which I combined - all the time referring to candle inspo on Pinterest. Like this.


Of course, making crystal candles wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I didn’t let the wax harden enough in one candle and dropped a crystal in it, the crystal completely sank to the bottom and I had to use my fingers to fish it out. This ruined the perfectly flat candle top and had to be recovered with hot wax.

I tried natural essential oils which it turns out don’t give as much fragrance as the artificial ones - go figure. Then I left my candles hardening while I had dinner and when I got back the wax was too hard to add in rose petals or flowers (which is why some of them look a bit sparse…)

So I re poured in more hot wax to find that when I did that, it melted the hard wax below which meant that my perfectly placed crystals started sinking and disappearing in the depths below. Then at one point I added in way too much blue colouring, leaving my candles a gothic dark blue instead of a cutesy pastel colour. Not the look I was going for!

Anyways you get the picture. It was harder than I thought it would be! But I’m proud of myself because I did it, I made crystals candles. Here are some photos. The one on the right was made by uber talented fashion designer @minniemayd with the leftovers of my wax.

Not bad right? It took hours, and I learnt some important tips on the way, but got there in the end. Next time it should be a lot easier. I’m going to sell these first candles for $20 each because I was still learning when I made them. If my next batch is better I might put the price up.

If you’ve fallen in love with any of the candles above and want to purchase one email and support Awa Wahine at the same time. $5 extra for postage around NZ.

The next step for me is to design a label to go on the side of the tins. I’m not a designer, so I use Canva and will share on that in next weeks blog post.

What is the moral of this blog post?

Do it!

This week!

Or this weekend!

But do it!

Share your experiences of giving it a go in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading!

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