Essence Of My Ancestors

Image Credit: P Edmonds-Topia

Image Credit: P Edmonds-Topia

I embark upon the gateway of my home people

The vital essence of my ancestors enters my soul

This wondrous land veiled in green

With waters so blue soaked upon the skin of our motherland.

Mountains from the origins of history

That dawn upon the ocean where it all began

Navigating through the eyes of Tāwhirimātea as he displays Papatūānuku as she lays bare.

Here is the birthplace of my ancestors

Here I am a seed from my whakapapa passed down through generations

I am the life essence of what my Rangatira created.

I am here

I am present

My seed is the future.

He will walk this land

so he may know who I am

He will walk this land

so he may know where I am from

He will walk this land

so he may know how far we have come

He will walk this land

for our future.

As the sun rises

another day begins.

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