Daughters of Displacement


always searching for solid ground 

when they wrenched grandmothers 

from their whenua 


they tore out hearts 

by the roots 


and left them to bleed  




who fill the void 


by planting 

a barely-beating organ 

into the rib cages of others 


asking them to nurture 

what we’re too afraid to hold 


and our grandmothers 

couldn’t teach us consent 


because they never gave it 


so we don’t invite him back 

and say it’s because we’re tired 


and have to get up early 

but really his conversation 

bores us 


and we hate golf 


and his eyes tell us 

that all he wants 


is to make love to himself 

and use our body 


but we are not land to be desecrated 


and no means 

fucking no 


and we’re just scared and scarred 



who inherited corrupted kōpū  

and empty chest cavaties. 

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