Artist Profile: Vendela Elliott

Vendela Elliott is an established Rotorua artist who has been painting professionally since 2014. The rediscovery of her whakapapa Māori was fundamental to her beginnings as an artist. Reclaiming her culture, whakapapa links and history resulted in the creation of many of her paintings.

Vendela has a personal passion for Mana Wahine which she combines with her trademark use of ink and watercolour. She says, although “it is only the beginning of my journey as an artist, I have already acquired and sustained a range of techniques that have allowed me to create a large body of work including paintings, prints and designs.”  

She has numerous projects in the pipelines and is also available for commissions.

You can find Original Art and Print Art in the following ways:
Vendela's website: 

If you would like to follow her journey as an artist follow:
Instagram: @vendelaelliott