Artist Profile: Michelle Estall

Ko Rangiputa tōku maunga, Ko Awaroa tōku awa, Ko Mamari tōku waka, Ko Te Rarawa rāua ko Te Aopouri ōku iwi, Ko Te Kotahitanga tōku marae, Ko Ngāti Haua tōku hapu, Ko Whāngape tōku whenua tupuna, Ko Michelle Estall tōku ingoa.

The act of creating is something that is very dear to my heart. I have been painting full time now for the last few years. Within my art practice and through the medium of acrylic I process and express my feelings. I try to honour and explore connections to my heritage.

The Ruahine Series that I am currently working on, came about through a collaboration with writer Te Iwa Makere Tamaki. I came across her writing purely by chance and felt a connection with it instantly. Within her writing she inspires and encourages women to empower their wairua through self care and self love. Her words came for me just at the time I needed to hear them. With her blessing I have transformed her narratives in to visual imagery. My hope is that it resonates with others as Te Iwa’s words have with me.

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