Artist Profile: Juanita Tarawa


Juanita Tarawa (Ngāpuhi) is an artist of Māori, Black Canadian and Scottish ancestry.

”I've been a wife and stay at home mother for the past ten years and began drawing as a hobby only 9 months ago. I went full time with drawing a month ago after falling in love with it. After being a stay at home mother for 10 years, my husband and I have switched roles. I now get to create uninterrupted (kind of) from home and build a future for my family while he holds the fort.

All my work is created digitally and I am yet to delve into paint and canvases. I have committed to drawing something new every single day and am currently on day 39. When I wake up each morning, I have no idea what that drawing will be. I just draw what comes to mind when I sit down. I've noticed from looking through my work, I'm naturally drawn to creating illustrations of women, māmā & pēpi (the maternal instincts inside me).

This new journey has encouraged me to embrace and learn more about my culture.

I love intertwining positive messages within my work. I'm huge on self love and embracing what you were born & blessed with. Inside and out. I just love positivity and warmth and hope you can feel that through my mahi."