The Journey To Mama

It’s common to be pregnant

Common to give birth

Rare to find peace in these times

with your own self worth

So when you finally pass the first trimester

past the days of the unknown

You breathe a sweet sigh of relief

‘I’m making my pepe grow’


And you feel this moment each time

you tell someone of the exciting news

Yet from joyfulness and clarity,

self doubt quickly ensues

Because questions, so many questions

even more you ask yourself

And you think I’m sure I’ll be ok

doesn’t everyone figure it out?


And I’m here to tell you - yes mama!

I’m here to tell you - yes we do!

I’m here to tell you - yes you can mama!

We have and you will too!

You will feel the deepest joy

you’ve never felt before

And as quickly as the feeling comes

it’s right back out the door


But I’m here to tell you - yes mama!

You may fall apart at the seams

which makes the journey even sweeter

every time you reach your dreams

I’m here to tell you mama

of the greatest power we share

is tending to this very moment

with tenderness and care


For you have already created

what’s needed to be done

you’re making the perfect being

with the power of your love

But I know you already know mama

I know you know your strength

is also your humility

to bring about what’s babies best


You’re passion is forgiving

you’re curiosity is kind

you’re inquisitiveness is truth talk

shaping pepes mind

 So now we wait for time mama

Grant baby time to manifest

into exactly what is needed for you both

your love wholly expressed


And as we wait, we thank your body

As we wait, we thank your mind

We whisper words of gratitude

to the Power of the Divine

for giving us our wombs

for giving us our strength

to get through all that we need to

breath after breath


Rest if you need, clean if you see fit

Make your home as comfortable

as you need to feel your best

And if the clouds are looming

don't forget to call

Call out to all the mamas

who've walked your path before


Each and everyone of us

have stories for days

And all sorts of anecdotes

that might make you think ‘no way!’

But there's hope that follows confusion mama

and there's joy that follows pain

to remind us that rainbows appear

when the sun shines through the rain


We might need to feel uncomfortable

so our pepe will feel safe

We may need to reach our wits end

So we learn that we won't break

Mana Wahine

The pillars of our community

carrying the future

of all whanau, hapu and iwi