Create Your Own Vision Board

Image from Kleiton Silva

Image from Kleiton Silva

Right now, you are a magnet attracting things into your life through the creative power of your hinengaro. It You are creating your own reality through the thoughts and associated feelings that you choose to think every single day.

For someone who had been brought up to believe in self-limiting thoughts like “I don’t have enough money to do that”, “I don’t have the skills to start that business”, “it’s too much hard work”, and “I am too scared to put myself out there”, accepting that I had to rewire my brain was a huge step forward for me.

If we are magnets, it makes sense that we would choose to attract wealth, beauty and love into our life and the lives of our whānau, hapū and iwi rather than financial lack, crappy jobs, disrespectful girlfriends/boyfriends basically all-around depressing shit.

A large part of the mahi I had to do when I first learnt about these concepts was how to re frame my thoughts from negative to positive. Below is a list of thoughts I thought in the past and how they can be re-framed to attract that which we desire rather than that which we don’t.

Old thought: I am fat. I don’t like my body. All the other women in my fitness class are skinnier/prettier/better than me.

New thought: I am healthy, beautiful and womanly. I choose to go to the gym etc. and this is a wonderful step toward a healthier and happier me. I love my body. I choose to focus on myself and my own body aspirations.

Old thought: I am lonely. No men ever like me. All my friends have boyfriends except me. I will be a spinster forever and ever and ever. I now have to fill out forms as a Ms. instead of a Miss. I will eternally be a third-wheel (I was a third, fifth and seventh-wheel for many years!!!) There are no good men in this world. Woe is me.

New thought: There is someone out there for me but I choose to love me first. I enjoy spending time with myself.

Old thought: I eat too many bad foods. Huka/tiakerete/keke/insert fave food of choice literally flies into my mouth.

New thought: I choose to eat foods that feel right for my body. I am moving away from processed foods and towards foods that will nourish my tinana me wairua.

Old thought: I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I am uglier than the ugly stepsisters.

New thought: I look in the mirror and I love everything I see, flaws and all. I am perfect just the way I am.

Old thought: I have no money. Why haven’t I won the lotto yet? Everyone else has more money than me.

New thought: I am grateful to have a whare to live in. I am grateful to have kai to eat. I deserve wealth and I choose to receive all forms of wealth into my life right now. There is enough for everyone.

Old thought:I don’t like my job. My boss is crazy. My workmates hate me. The work I do is boring/has no meaning/I feel unappreciated.

New thought: I have chosen and am choosing to stay in this job. If I wish to change my job/career there is nothing stopping me, except any limitations I have created with my mind. Starting today I am going to actively work towards a new job/career, one step at a time.

Creating a vision board is something that I did. I did this so that every time I looked at it, I would think of the positive emotions associated with the feeling I would experience when I finally brought each dream to life. This is what it looked like.

I kept my vision board simple, clear and colourful. The images that are closer together have more of a connection to each other but they all connect through love, passion and my life purpose. Though mine is simple, you might want to have images everywhere, messy, black and white. Whatever works for you.

Here is a step-by-step guide as to how I created this vision board to joyously manifest my dream life and the changes I wanted to see in my life:

You will need:

  • Pinboard and pins or washi tape

  • Scissors

  • Pins

    Spend a period of time thinking about the things that you are passionate about.

    • What ideas bring up a lot of positive emotions for you? How might you use your gifts to bring positive change to the world?

    • What did you want to do when you were a child before you were told you couldn’t do it?

    • Meditation, prayer and yoga may also be useful. You never know when an amazing dream/idea might strike!

    Write these ideas down. Then leave them for a while and then come back to them.

    • Do you still feel passionately and energetically positive about all your dreams? If so then you are ready to find some images. If not, remove them from the list

    For me, it was useful to find an image to represent each of my dreams.

    • These images don’t need to literally represent your dream they could hold a metaphorical meaning or a meaning that only you will understand.

    • Remember that this vision board is only for you and it doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be created in order to help you.

    I went on google and google searched for images matching each dream. I also used Instagram as there are beautiful pictures on there and searched using a hashtag. Pinterest might also be helpful for you.

    • Find an image that resonates positively in relation to each dream (like Maria Kondo’s “does it spark joy?” Do you feel happy looking at it?

    • If so print it off in colour, if possible. Do this for each of your ideas/dreams.

    Cut each image out and place them below your vision board. Now you need to take a deep breath, centre yourself and feel as to where each image should go on your vision board.

    • Place all of them on the board and pin them. For mine, I liked to have dreams/images that were closely connected together but do whatever resonates with you. There is no wrong place for an image.

    Stand back and admire your creative work.

    You may choose to add some rituals into your daily practice using your vision board. For example, you could review each image in the morning.

    Once you have created your vision board the only thing left for you to do is to believe absolutely that your dreams will come true. And so it is.


Awa Wahine, Editor Ataria Sharman is an avid reader and writer. Her manuscript for young adults fiction novel was selected to take part in Te Papa Tupu 2018 - a programme for selected Maori writers facilitated by Huia Publishers and the Maori Literature Trust.