Healing the Self

Image: Rupi Kaur

Image: Rupi Kaur

Healing the self. What a thing to try to do.

And yet perhaps is it the one thing ALL of us are trying to do, in one way or another.

What is the self? Wikipedia defines the self as:

The self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness. This reference is necessarily subjective, thus self is a reference by a subject to the same subject. The sense of having a self – or self-hood – should, however, not be confused with subjectivity itself.[1] Ostensibly, there is a directedness outward from the subject that refers inward, back to its "self" (or itself).

So the self is actually the viewing of the self from the viewpoint of the consciousness, often directed inwards… back to its-self or itself.

So when healing the self - we are actually changing the viewing of the self, from the viewpoint of the consciousness, from that of hate (or anything in between) to that of love.

That is where the healing magic can happen.

To be totally honest it is not actually necessary to HEAL ANYTHING (except) how we view ourselves, our inner-self.

Okay phew.

Got there in the end.

So what’s next? Hmmm… self-love.

Self-love. To love the self. If we were able to view the self, from a state of love then at that point in time we will have healed the self.

That is because we will be viewing the self, as consciousness, from a state of love. How wonderful. How simple.

And yet it is often very hard for most people to view the self, from a state of love, every single minute and hour of every single day.

But why is it so hard to view the self from love? Well put simply, we just aren’t often taught how to do ‘it’ by our parents or society in general.

We are all, in some way or other, healing the self and we can choose to do so at any minute or any point of the day. All it takes is a changing of viewpoint from wherever it is… to love.

Arohanui ki a koutou kātoa.