Creative Genie In A Bottle

Image by Ataria Rangipikitia

Image by Ataria Rangipikitia

Here I am, sitting at my computer with a brewing pot of herbal tea. Incense is burning. I find that this helps me to get into the flow of my writing. The space that I am in is peaceful. The wind from outside is softly flowing through the open windows. One of the windows just slammed shut. Not so tranquil.

My dog Teddy is lying beneath my feet. I don’t know why he does that. I pour myself a herbal tea and the act of focusing mindfully on tea helps me to focus my intention. I only woke up an hour or so ago, and my mind feels fresh and bright.

What is creativity? For me, creativity is the reason why we are here. We’ve always been innately creative - even when our art was carved into stone blocks or painted on to the walls of caves. All of the great technological inventions of today are from acts of creativity. Every book we’ve ever read, every painting we’ve ever looked at, every exercise routine we’ve ever shared with others, every plant we’ve ever planted.

Creativity is a way to share emotions and connect with other people.

When people look at famous art, like the Mona Lisa, it is a way for them to communicate with all the other people all over the world who have ever looked at the Mona Lisa and felt even a little bit moved by the beauty of the artists work.

Can all things be done creatively? Even the most mundane things in life? Can I do work that doesn’t inspire me… creatively? Like the 9-5pm job that I hate - is the reason I hate it because I can’t express myself creatively during that time…

Do I feel like a genie in a bottle… with a cork in it?

Can I let the genie out and start creating so it can grant all my wishes? What do I love doing? What gives me that feeling of inspiration and joy? For me, it’s writing. What is it for you? Can I start doing that thing, or many things more often? Can I begin to feel the joy of the journey of creating? Not the destination. The drive. That’s the fun part.

I’m building a tiny house at the moment.

Creative. Tick. 

Fun. Tick. 

I think creativity is finding time and space in our lives to feel the joy of allowing ourselves to create the things that we love to create. Take the cork out of the bottle baby. 

From me to you, have a lovely and creative week.

This article was originally published as a love letter by Ataria for Body Love New Zealand, a fitness community teaching women to love themselves and their bodies