Gratitude For My Blessings

Image of Jess Massey

Image of Jess Massey

Once upon a time somewhere, somehow, a human was created. Now, however you choose to believe this concept is entirely up to you and I am not here to discuss the evolution of the human race. I am here to acknowledge where I fit into this huge matrix of DNA leading back to the first pair.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have an in-depth understanding of how I came to be here. Physiologically, spiritually, emotionally and for me the most important concept I am fortunate to understand and hold knowledge of is whakapapa (geneology). The thousands of strands of whakapapa that are bound together to allow me to be here on this earth today.

This blog isn't a ‘dear diary’ scenario where I will share my deepest thoughts and desires about my journey in finding out who I am. This space is a platform to share the experiences and challenges I am blessed to be faced with every single day, since I was given the gift of continuing my whakapapa through the physical representation of our tamāhine (daughter) - Waiora Te Atarau.

There are literally thousands of ‘Mom Blogs’ on the internet today so I needed to ask myself why should I document our life. A beautiful friend and fellow blogger Hana Tapiata helped me to understand my ‘why’ when she asked me something along the lines of this.

"Would you be okay if you died tomorrow and nobody knew your stories, not your daughter, not your whānau, not your mokopuna, not other Māmā that may have benefited from your kōrero somewhere else in the world?

After all, sharing stories is part of what makes us Māori, it is part of our genetic make up, it is part of what makes us human."

So, here I am. Finally. Feeling brave enough to hit the ‘publish’ button after 9 cyclic months have passed having my daughter grow within me and another 9 cyclic months having her here with us earth side. Yes that is how long I have been writing and storing ideas and stories up for. I have never forced the blog to happen because I knew it would come together at the right time just as everything does in life. 9 months + 9 months = 18 months and 1+8 = 9 which also happens to be my life path number so for me this is a sign that now is the right time. Although it has only been an 18 month journey in the physical form I am well aware our journey together started many moons ago.

While hapū, I came across the concept of how the Grandmother, Mother and Baby are all connected and carried within each other. The whakaaro (idea) being that the Grandmother essentially carries her Grandchild because each female fetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. The three are connected for life - mind = blown.

Since this knowledge has revealed itself to me i've thought about it every day since. Every single day I am grateful to know who I've literally come from and who has grown and nurtured not only me but our beautiful daughter. The thought of knowing these wāhine and even not knowing some of them has helped me to feel a deeper connection to those I have felt disconnected from for so long. I am grateful to have been carried within all the wāhine we descend from and I am even more grateful to know that through my daughter I have already helped to create and carry our future mokopuna.

How can we not be grateful for our temples, our sacred bodies, our own personalised perfectly imperfect boss baby making machines. Lets celebrate them every second of every day because without honouring this special part of what makes us human and what makes us 'wāhine' what is the point of anything.

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