Are You Ready To Date?

Photo by    Julian Howard    on    Unsplash

It is not whether I am ready

It is whether this man is ready

Ready to be surrounded by the mana of my sisters

A man who is proud of my sisters

A man who is not afraid or confined by my sisters

Who feels light with my sisters

Who does not need attention from my sisters

He is aware of their power and acknowledges this truth

With humility and grace

Like every brother should

A man who protects the sacredness of my sisters

By staying the fuck out of our sacredness

Who can laugh with my sisters,

And be silent for my sisters

Ebb and flow with my sisters

And know that my sisters are fluid, are motion, are sun, and earth, and birth

A man who is inspired by my sisters

When they fly, my sisters

He admires the view

Of spread wings, feathered and free

Without a word

He aligns his focus

On making pathways for sisters

Knowing my sisters are his

Knowing my sisters are me.

A man who is free of judgement, who is self aware

Aware some of my sisters are now brothers,

And brothers are now sisters

And some who are neither

Whom fill all of my senses

With Love, With Respect and all the things a loving home needs

With which he nurtures without toxic masculinity

Because my home is my womb

It gives life to all who reside in and if he were ready

Than perhaps I am too.