Manifesting the Best Life from Te Kore


Recently, I came to realise that I wasn't living the best life I could live.. oh actually, not so much a realisation because I already knew I wasn't 'realising my potential'..

I guess you could say, I acknowledged my self-sabotage, living below the line, amateur behaviour and was in the space where that type of carry on was no longer acceptable.

It came from taking some time to reflect on my current situation - not just a New Years thing either, you'll know if you follow the blog (you should follow the blog) but I'm always reflecting and becoming aware of different things, understanding my relationship in different ways and constructing and deconstructing identity all the time. Anyway..

My reality didn't match up to the vision I could see and feel for what I could give the world or the positive change I could contribute towards. I was living below the line, below the standard for what I know I'm capable of; not the type of legacy you want to leave as the result of thousands of years of whakapapa (genealogy)..

It's been pretty insightful to go through this process with Hineahuone (Earth Maiden, first woman) at front of mind.. 

she, herself was manifested from thought.

Hineahuone was the vision the atua (gods) had for how to transcend their current state of existence. Hineahuone was but a thought until she was moulded from the earth, given traits of each atua, and given life. Prior to that, Hineahuone was the answer the atua never knew they had asked for.

Hineahuone is the embodiment of manifesting thought into matter.

Her whakapapa (process, evolution) is Te Kore (potential, vision), then Te Pō (formless), then Te Ao Mārama (form, life). Hineahuone was the best life.

And how she came to be, how we all came to be - our creation story - is the most simple metaphor we can follow and apply to our lives to make it our best.

First comes the vision,

and thought, formless then takes on form - then comes the physical manifestation.

Apply visualisation to any of the goals or resolutions you've set for this year lol who am I kidding, sprinkle it everywhere in all aspects of your life and watch how you, like Tāne Mahuta can manifest your best life from Te Kore.

Tīhei, mauri ora! 


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