Atua Wāhine Anthology

We are creating an anthology about Ngā Atua Wāhine.

We are looking for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, personal essays and art from Māori women.

Maximum word count is 5,000 words.

Some questions to get you started: Which atua wāhine do you most identify with? What is your understanding of her? How do you see her? What does she represent to you? What does she mean to you? What meanings does she have in your whānau/iwi/hapū/rohe? If you were to tell her story how would you tell it? What would she say to you?

Format: Word, double spaced, 12 point font, page number and title on each page. Do not include the author's name in the document.

Email with “Submission: title” to

Submissions due: 31 October

Decisions made by: 31 November

List of resources (if you know of any others please email to

  • Wahine Toa by Patricia Grace and Robyn Kahukiwa

  • Ruahine: Mythic Women by Ngahuia Te Awekotuku

  • Ngā Atua: The Māori Gods by Robyn Kahukiwa

  • Hine! E Hine! Rediscovering the Feminine in Maori Spirituality PhD thesis by Dr Aroha Yates-Smith (it may be hard to find a copy)

  • Te Awa Atua, Te Awa Tapu, Te Awa Wahine Masters thesis by Ngahuia Murphy (available online via Waikato Uni research commons)