kelly jarvis


My name is Kelly Jarvis.

I am a Mother of five beautiful beings, a creator of art, a lover of nature, adventure and all things magical and earthy. I am also a holder of light for those emerging from layers of darkness. My current professional role is Family Violence Prevention Coordinator and Counsellor/eco-therapist  at Te Wakahuia Manawatu Trust, A Māori Health organisation in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

My work both as an artist, and Eco-therapist, is underpinned by my own journey of growth, understanding and nurturing my authentic self through creativity, storytelling, and my relationship with the natural world. Creativity nourishes our Wairua, it helps us understand, express and value our identity. For me, it is also a way of honoring and expressing my love and concern for Papatanuku, and all things that come from her. I believe, and work with the understanding and intention that everyone has the ability to flourish, providing they have the right environment they need to do so.

Through my art, I hope to hold the space, and echo a voice for those who cannot speak, to inspire people to learn more about the environment they live in, and to find ways to reconnect people with nature. I love to explore many ways of doing this and enjoy telling stories using a diverse range of art mediums.

I currently have a body of work at Te Manawa art and science museum, Palmerston North, with WAI the women’s art Initiative. We are a collective of women, who have been making art together for six years now, in response to our experiences of violence. This year our work is titled “Ko Wai Ahau” it challenges others ideas that sit around us as women who have experienced violence.

Kelly’s multimedia installation within this exhibition is titled Mana Wahine – The realms of creation, and re-creation.

Te Korekore

Within the deepest pockets of darkness, where no light has touched, lives the essence of creation. This is the place of ultimate potential. A deep, formless mass, where the foundation of everything begins. A space to return to, to rest, to be, to start again.

Te Pō - Te Whei-Ao

Dancing within potent layers of darkness is a glimmer of light, caressing her skin. There is movement sprouting from nurture, and a deepening of the sense of self. Adapting to change and growth, follows the emergence of being.

Ki Te Ao Marama  -- Tihei-wa Mauri Ora!

Awakening in the world of light, reclaiming her sacred space, she nurtures and creates life. Aligned with nature and its cycles, she is grounded by values that honour the protection, health and wellbeing of whare tangata. Breathing with flourishing essence, and the balance of all things; Mana Wahine.